105CM mini doll suitable for sex

105CM mini doll suitable for sex

This surreal adult doll is 105 centimeters tall and weighs 16 kilos. Real mini silicone doll, designed with high quality platinum silicone. The vagina provides heating accessories to increase sensations and sensations that can be triggered during sexual activity. The skin of each passion small sex doll is very soft and its flexibility is very close to that of a real female body.

There are 3 holes which can be used for oral, vaginal and anal. There are also standard size requirements, designed according to different needs. The light weight makes it more suitable for your sexual actions. Her throbbing breasts better stimulate your desire and visually antagonize your nerves.

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For beginners, they are still the most popular. It is their mission to achieve orgasm through the softest and smoothest sexual openings. To better take care of your physiological needs, start with the details and focus on your emotions and needs.

On weekends, she always sits quietly on the sofa, waiting for your caress. She is also eager for your care and attention. After all, for most people, girls are meant to be protected by boys, right?

They copied the perfect body of a real woman. From an aesthetic point of speaking, regardless of her size, or all aspects of the features are real close to the woman's natural beauty. Human beings themselves are nature's most advanced and perfect animals. Nature gives us better life resources, so that we can complete exquisite works.

Our pursuit of perfection. Get a remarkable show from the passion doll. They were created by our thoughts and emotions, after all, used to fill vacancies in our emotions. Reconciliation of natural physical and spiritual needs. They can hope for a better breakthrough, more people realize aspirations and help.

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