7 tips to make sex last longer for men

7 tips to make sex last longer for men

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Experiencing orgasm is an important indicator of sex therapy, so men need to make their orgasm longer in order to enjoy sex.

Let go of the psychological burden

Don't feel bad about striving for an orgasm, if you have such thoughts in your head there will be obstacles. If you don't believe that you should enjoy sex, it's difficult to have an orgasm. In fact, orgasm itself serves to relax the body in order to attain happiness, and releasing the psychological burden can open the door to happiness.

control excitement

The process of sexual response is broken down into four stages: arousal, duration, orgasm, and resolution. If you want to be more enduring, the key is recognizing the emotional fluctuation process in sex and recognizing your own arousal time.

Say to yourself "I can do this"

Can't have fun for a long time, maybe some people think they can't. Anyone can have an orgasm and say "I can do this".

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Don't ignore the second time

After orgasm, the instinctive response is to sleep, suppress the desire, and then go back to it. Most men can last longer during the second intercourse, and with a few more practice sessions, sex will last longer.


It's hard to get pleasure when you're having sex tomorrow and you're thinking about unfinished work. So treat sex like a pleasant massage and relax completely.

Know your body

Due to the lack of sufficient sexual knowledge, many people have avoided sex and do not even dare to explore their own bodies. Men need to learn to look at themselves in the mirror and understand the relationship of the male reproductive structure, which will help you control sexual behavior and have smoother sex.

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