A brief introduction to sex doll brothels

A brief introduction to sex doll brothels

In order to enter the love doll brothels in Germany, one must first circle the sleek house for privacy reasons, and no mention is made of the services offered here. They enter through the back door and down the hall, lined up one room at a time. Here we met the shop owner. A few years ago, the idea of ​​​​brothel owners was not only to serve real women, but also to put dolls in the car. This phenomenon has existed in Asia for a long time, and in Germany she was one of the first to start the experiment.

As the person in charge explained, the fat sex doll lying on a spacious double bed has a darker complexion and is one of the most popular. When a man tries to lift a baby, he sweats profusely: over 80 pounds, lighter than a real woman but still quite heavy. There will also be a doll with a touch voice system in the brothel. When turned on, the sex doll will moan during intercourse or while rubbing her breasts, but so far everything is in Chinese/English, which seems a little strange. The love doll business is booming in China, where you can get the first affordable dolls with interactive elements.

Bert Curly Hair Princess Big Breast Real Silicone Doll 165cm

Sex dolls require imagination

Not all guests returned after testing either the sex robot doll or one of the brothel's dozen other dolls, the person in charge said. Only about 60% of the guests enjoyed sex with dolls and only those who could let their imagination run wild when handling sex dolls.
"Of course we have a lot of husbands who say, 'I don't want to cheat on my wife. It's just a big sex toy. I don't need guilt and there's no danger.'"

Real brothels and SM studios have been around since 2014. When the superintendent had to find a new source of income in 2017 because he couldn't recruit sex workers, she was reminded of reports of doll brothels in Japan. As a test pilot, she bought two Love Dolls. "They were quickly booked up." Since then, a large brothel has been offering prostitutes and sex dolls.

A very simple calculation:

25x €50.00 for 30 minutes = €1,250.00! (go to a brothel every two weeks)

20x EUR 35.00 per sex toy (average price) = EUR 700.00

15 first dates where you generously invite the opposite sex partner to dinner for €100.00 = €1,500.00.

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