A few reasons why my wife wants me to buy sex dolls

A few reasons why my wife wants me to buy sex dolls

I'm a very lucky man. I have a beautiful wife, two beautiful children and a great job. The only problem is that my wife wants me to buy a sex doll for us. She says it enhances our intimacy, but I worry about the social stigma associated with having sex with an inanimate object instead of her. Should we buy one?

She wants to be more intimate with me.

Your wife wants more intimacy with you. She wants to have sex with you more often, but she also knows that as time goes on, it gets harder for both of you to get in the mood. That's why she suggested buying a cheap sex dolls : so she can feel closer and more open to her man when they get back together.

She plans to use the sex doll when I'm not around.

You may be surprised that your wife isn't the only one who wants to use a love doll. In fact, many men have the same fantasy of using a sex doll when they are away from home or when their partner is unavailable for some reason.

One of the main reasons my wife wants me to buy a sex doll is because she plans to use it when I'm not around. She wants me to be able to enjoy our time together even when I'm not around, so she'll often use our new toy instead of me! The thought really turns me on because I know how much fun she is having and how amazing she feels knowing that she can have an orgasm without my constant presence!

The dolls are getting better and better.

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There are several reasons why my wife wants me to buy sex dolls.

The first reason is that the dolls are getting better and better. They are becoming more and more lifelike and realistic, some even heating themselves! They are also becoming increasingly affordable for the average consumer. Some of these dolls can be customized to your liking - you can choose the body type (petite or busty), hair color and hairstyle, eye color...!

It won't feel like she's cheating with a sex doll.

She's not interested in cheating on you. She doesn't want to sleep with anyone else, and she won't start doing it just because she has a sex doll.

The reason she wants me to buy her a sex doll is so it will feel like she is cheating on you. If I were you and my wife came home with a lifelike replica of me, I would be devastated - and rightly so! It would be like she cheating on our relationship by having sex with another man (or woman). That's why my wife believes that buying a sex doll will help her improve our marriage: so we can both have our cake and eat it too...sort of?

My wife wants us to use a sex doll to enhance our intimacy, but I'm concerned about the social stigma that goes with it. Should we buy one?
You are married to a woman who wants you to use a sex doll. She claims that using a sex doll will enhance your intimacy, but you are concerned about the stigma attached to buying a sex doll. Should we buy one?

My answer is yes and no.

While there are many advantages to buying a sex doll (e.g. the ability to have unlimited access), there are also some disadvantages that might make the purchase difficult for some couples:

If your partner has reservations about what she considers "kinky" behavior, or is uncomfortable talking about it with others, then buying a sex doll may not be for everyone! However, if these factors don't apply at all (or only slightly) then maybe buying a sex doll could help after all...
I can't say for sure if my wife will like the sex doll or not but I think it could be a good thing for us as a couple. If she chooses a doll, we need to make sure we're both okay with that idea before we buy anything. We also need to consider how others might react when they find out about our purchase - will they judge us? What do you think of using these dolls as an alternative form of intimacy? Let me know in the comments below!

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