A love doll that replicates the full body of a life-size woman

A love doll that replicates the full body of a life-size woman

In real life, a naked woman can easily trigger a man's sexual fantasies. In the video, Nyzix is ​​a lifelike sex doll who appears naked in front of you, mainly to convey her luscious body and attractive looks. I want to get your attention and give you all thoughts about her and make you revel in her beauty when you see her realistic huge breasts.

If you want a real girl, this girl is definitely recommended! It is a Lolita love doll with a total length of 165 cm, a small face and an orthodox beautiful girl. Big breasts with nipples up, you can enjoy it to the fullest. The touch is very soft and you can enjoy the illusion of holding a real girl. For those who like loli, this is an irresistible feeling. In addition, the realistic sensation of vertical creases on the anal side is reproduced for vaginas with loose structures. Regardless, you can enjoy a wealth of playstyles, so even those who like unusual locations will love it. Besides, the weight and size are easy to move, so she can change position more smoothly than other big boobs sex doll. The penis involuntarily turned into a maximum, pushed it as it was and had sex. The hole is tight which is a nice tightening. Probably because of the gentle texture in the vagina, the irritation is low though, so I enjoyed it.

157cm Wheat-colored Skin Double Ponytail Mid-chest Tpe Doll

Although medical TPE material is used, it is elastic and soft, and you can feel comfortable. Delicate skin gives a fresh impression. Advanced poses such as cheering and wide hip openings are possible due to the wide range of motion of the joints. Because of his tall stature, he has an overwhelming presence just standing there. If you value a woman's height, you will definitely be happy with a sex doll. Why don't you take it home and live with it?

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