A mother fights to ban child sex dolls after her daughter's likeness was used on a doll.

A mother fights to ban child sex dolls after her daughter's likeness was used on a doll.

A mother fights to ban child real doll after her daughter's likeness was used on a doll.
NBC 6 spoke exclusively to the girl's mother about her mission to join the Boca Raton organization in fighting a federal ban on child sex dolls. Currently, child sex dolls are only banned in Florida and two other states, but advocates and victims say more needs to be done to solve the mystery.

"I knew right away. I only knew one site where I had seen her and enlarged her face and hair. I just couldn't believe it," said the mother, who wishes to be called "Terri."

sexdoll sale

Terri then took a closer look at the Amazon ad.

"When I saw the person who looked exactly like my daughter I clicked on it and when I saw the face and the pose I just couldn't stop. I started to cry. I was totally shocked and angry," she said.

The $559 doll resembles her 8-year-old daughter. It's not just any doll, but a "high quality male sexy sex doll," according to an Amazon ad. A product review from May states: "A great article for today".

"Sometimes I can't sleep because all I can think about is the men who have sex with these dolls and I can't get them back. I just want to burn them," Terri said through tears.

NBC 6 has confirmed that the same doll is nude on another site, but we have not identified her.

Terri said she was horrified. She contacted Amazon - and four days later the ad was removed. In a statement, an Amazon spokesman said: "All sellers must abide by our selling policies or face action, including possible account deletion. The product has been removed.”

But Terry said she found the same doll on other sites on the internet.

"On some of these sites she was completely naked and there was a video where people were trying to explain how this child sex doll works," she said.

A quick search will reveal similar child sex dolls on other popular websites.

“They should be charged as sex offenders. They should be fined. And those sites need to be shut down," Terry said. “In that moment, I knew I couldn't do this fight alone. I knew I needed someone to help me because I couldn't take these puppets from 13, 14, 15 pages.”

Terri worked with the Boca Raton-based Children's Rescue Coalition (CRC), an organization dedicated to stopping and identifying predators trafficking in illegal child pornography.

Carly Yoost, executive director of the CRC, said: "This is a real child under the influence of alcohol, it is not an imaginary doll, it was made in the likeness of a person and with images of that mother."

The CRC is asking Congress to pass federal law banning the sale of child sex dolls.

Yost said, "The more abusers consume images and videos of abused children online and buy love dolls that act out their sexual fantasies, the more likely they are to abuse real children."

For Terri, it was a fight she was willing to take up. Her family was used to fighting - her daughter has an immune deficiency and needs regular blood transfusions to stay alive.

"I never thought I would join this fight to ban sex dolls from the internet. I knew I had to do something within 35 hours, even if it was the worst thing that could happen to my family," said Terry. "I knew I had to turn that negativity into something positive and create the best possible situation to get through the nightmare.

Tennessee and Kentucky are the other two states that have banned child sex dolls. The Children's Rescue Coalition has started an online petition calling for them to be banned in the United States.

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