A must-see for real life sex doll owners

A must-see for real life sex doll owners

As the owner of a lifelike sex doll, you are probably wondering how many men own their own dolls.

Let's face it, you are not alone. In fact, there are many men who have a lifelike realistic sex doll in their bedroom for various reasons. The popularity of sex dolls is a phenomenon that has inspired many films. In fact, there is a huge selection of sex doll movies and a large audience enjoying them. Here are some of the best movies that show the connection between a human and an inanimate sex doll.

1.Lars and the Real Girl (2007)
Lars and the Real Girl is a 2007 film starring Ryan Gosling from the blockbuster The Notebook. But apart from the main actor's popularity, the story of this film is also very moving.

Ryan Gosling, called Lars Lindstrom in the film, is a man who likes to live his life on a tight schedule. He lives in a small town in Wisconsin. Due to complications after childbirth, his mother died when she was gifted to him. His father blamed him for this and became estranged from him and his brother Gus as they grew up.

These unfortunate events made Lars a socially shunned person. Even when his colleague Margot shows romantic interest in him, he doesn't return her feelings. However, his life changes when the love doll Bianca enters his life and finds company and comfort in her.

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2.Artificial Intelligence (AI) (2001)
The protagonist of this film, David, is a robotic boy programmed to love. David is used as a test case by an employee of Cybertronics, a manufacturer of artificial intelligence robots. David longs to be loved by his adoptive mother. As mentioned before, he is programmed to love and therefore wants people to love him too. His journey isn't pleasant, but he manages to find the love he's always been looking for.

3.the ex-mechanic (2014)
The story of this movie revolves around a silicone sex doll named Ava. Caleb Smith, an employee of the search engine company Blue Book, wins an office competition. As a reward, he gets a week-long tour of CEO Nathan Bateman's luxury remote home. When Smith got there, the CEO introduced him to Ava. He also revealed that he wanted to see if Ava was conscious and able to think. As a result, Smith hires Ava on a daily basis. However, he is attracted to Ava and the humanoids show a romantic interest in him.

4.her (2013)
Theodore Twombly is related to Samantha. The latter, however, is an artificial intelligence virtual assistant humanized by a female voice.Twombly is a lonely, introverted, and depressed man. He is also about to divorce his wife Catherine. To overcome his loneliness, he decides to buy an operating system upgrade equipped with a virtual AI assistant that can adapt and evolve. In addition, Theodore wants the AI, who calls herself Samantha, to have a female voice Has. The two form a deep connection by talking about their love. In the end they fall in love with each other.

5.Electric Dreams (1984)
This film is about a love triangle between two people of the opposite sex and a personal computer. mile Harding is an architect whose goal is to develop something that makes buildings earthquake-proof. So he buys a personal computer. However, when Mile downloads a database from the mainframe at work, his computer overheats. He panicked and poured a bottle of champagne over her. What Mile didn't know was that his computer had become sentient as a result of what had happened. He didn't know until he was woken up by the computer mimicking what he'd said in his sleep. Finally, a love triangle develops between Myer, the computer, and Myer's neighbor, Madeleine Robista.

6. Artificial intelligence on the rise (2018) This science fiction film is about a humanoid love doll robot that is sent into space with human astronauts.

The Ederlezi Corporation is planning a space mission to the Alpha Centauri system. You choose multitin for this order. However, they asked Nimani to accompany him on the mission. Notably, Nimani is a robot that responds to the man's wishes and monitors his performance on board.

Milutin has no choice but to take Nimani with him. His mission creates a romantic relationship between the two. Nimani even begins to act out his usual habits and is able to read his emotions.

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