A physicist told the models doll: I found true love

A physicist told the models doll: I found true love

Everything is so sudden. A young physicist ended his marriage, and when he was still immersed in pain, he inadvertently discovered the ever-popular silicone dolls in people's mouths. He decided to buy one of these dolls as his own wife.

On the other hand, although the anime sex doll could not speak to him, he realized that "the doll is not for the money and will never betray it." As a physicist, he has to devote a lot of time to experimentation, and more often than not, a person is alone in the laboratory.

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Despite this, he ended his seven-year marriage. "We haven't seen each other for almost a month," he often complained. Asked about his unusual relationship with the doll, he always said he was excited and saw this loving doll-woman every day.

The social reality and the strong pressure of life make many people suffer from such a lonely life. Some people even want sex life to be a luxury, they are so eager to get married, have children and have a happy family. However, the reality is so cruel. Finding the other half of your life is absolutely necessary, but it's not easy.

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