A sex doll that never says "no".

A sex doll that never says "no".

"In record time," Henning Peitsmeier wrote in FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINEN, Ufa filmed the RTL-Wirecard scandal, perhaps the most sensational economic crime in recent history. He couldn't forget that one of the two main villains was portrayed by actor Christopher Maria Herbst of the legendary insurance villain "Stromburg". He was a "wrong actor", apparently the whole film: "'The Big Fake' wants to be a documentary thriller, but even the fictional part is not exciting."

At the TAZ, on the other hand, Anja Krüger was full of praise for the "outstanding cast" and said: "This almost unbelievable but true story is told in an accessible and gripping manner, informative, but not the appeal of school television." And because the Wirecard story is not over yet, because the process is still pending, as is the Bundestag committee of inquiry, the TAZ wants to continue.

more than just a sex doll

Another film was highly rated, this time in the newspaper DER FREITAG, which also appeared on Wednesday. The ZDF series "Ku'damm" reminds Hans Hütt of his personal 1960s - characterized by narrowness and restraint. He wrote: "Late, young or old, seasoned contemporaries, this series teaches us to tremble with compassion. The finale of season three is that it takes us to a place we haven't been. The era of successful escape.”

From the long shadow of the tight 1960s, we look to the world of the future via the FAZ. Melanie Mühl describes the future of what we previously roughly referred to as sex dolls: "An artificial playmate should be more than an erotic toy that disappears in a corner after use: the counterpart." Educational dolls should make it possible to have a real big boobs sex doll . Conversations and emotional relationships. Sounds unlikely? Mühl remembers how many children grew up with spoken Siri and Alexa and are now even being taught to say "please" and "thank you".

As a result, there is already a sex doll that can also say "no" if she does not want to have sex. Muhl wonders, "Will the Master quit because of Samantha's objections? Or will he enjoy it? The question is whether a code of ethics is being enforced here or more of a form of rape."

Beryl-156cm Big Breasts Short Hair Hot Lover Doll

Let us know his outburst

Tilman Spreckelsen describes in the FAZ how the French children's book author Jean-Claude Mourlevat won the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Prize - a whopping 500,000 euros. What Spreckelsen appreciates about Mourlevat is that instead of translating the world of adventure fiction into the real and often ugly world, the author "has instead transformed one work into another".

Another author: Peter Handke this time. In the SZ, Mary Schmidt was reminded of the great villain Handke by his new book, My Days in a Foreign Land, who, both as a privateer and as a writer, knew how to blast and criticize with emphasis. In this story about the lonely protagonist, Schmidt analyzes: “The character is not only an abuse of the audience, but an existential abuse. Sometimes one might think that Handke finds his youthful humor in the character's absurd hubris. And hopefully it won't be an allegory for the artist."

Schmidt tells a story that shows Handke coming very close to his Lonely False Light and Shadow persona, concluding, "For his role as an outcast to make sense, he also badly needs these ideas from us and despise his vanity because of his artist pose The old Love Dolls player hasn't entirely disappeared behind his own mythology."

This might inspire you to do an Easter task: create a myth about yourself! have fun.

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