About makeup

About makeup

Many dolls have permanent make-up on them. They are also resistant to fading.

However, over time, the doll's original makeup may fade, especially with frequent use.

What can you do to make your doll look beautiful again? The answer is: makeup! Here are the steps to complete your cheap sex dolls makeup. Blush.

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Clean the doll's head and remove the wig and head from the body. Do not immerse the doll's neck in water. Use a soft sponge or antibacterial soap to gently wipe the doll's skin. If you've used makeup before, you can choose the makeup you've used before cleaning and applying the cotton. Use a soft, clean towel to wipe the doll's skin. Let them dry for at least an hour.

Decide where you can best apply the makeup. Based on the doll's current condition, decide which areas need makeup. Usually these are the eyebrows, eyes and lips. Note: Love dolls may be fake. It is not necessary to use moisturizer. You don't need to use multiple products. This is the best way to feel connected to your woman.

You can fill in the areas that aren't as prominent on your lovedoll's brows with a darker pencil or one of the same color. This matches her original eyebrow shape. You may need to replace her eyebrows if they've lost too much of their original color. The best shape for your eyebrows depends on your face, the color of the pencil, and your hair. We recommend that you read these lessons as a beginner.

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