AI Love Dolls Advanced Review

AI Love Dolls Advanced Review

This generation of AI sex dolls still has many technical flaws, such as: B. slow reaction speed and many unconscious problems, and it is difficult to develop further. Such a big technical problem cannot be solved in a small factory, and Li Jiang believes it has enough motivation. Currently she only sells 20 AI sex dolls. However, she believes that AI love dolls, which can satisfy the friendship of more people, should be the future development trend. One of the most admirable reviews in her shop reads, "After all, a sex doll is a doll. She doesn't have emotions or fevers. She can't communicate emotionally. The right way is to find a female ticket early on."

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"Give me some advice," the old man asked for help. He didn't know how to talk to his son and his wife, he didn't even know what to say or they could understand him. Seniors are encouraged to discuss and purchase sex dolls with their families if not approved.

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