At the best prices on beautiful dolls

At the best prices on beautiful dolls

What's the biggest concern of physical small sex doll now? There is no doubt. Exquisite makeup. Doll head sculpts can be mass-produced, but high-quality doll makeup cannot be mass-produced. Why is it still difficult to produce high-quality makeup in such high-tech industrialization? Makeup has always not been that easy to complete. If you just put on foundation, eyebrows and lipstick, it's not makeup at all. This can be seen by referring to ladies at important occasions and major events. I don't know how much time and thought goes into makeup and styling. What is the biggest concern of physical dolls right now? It's makeup. How is high-quality make-up created? It is made by technological innovations and professional makeup artists.

Makeup is the most important part of a physical doll's production process, going through every link from source design to final result. Exquisite makeup is also the most intuitive test of doll quality. If the doll is not beautiful, the user will not like the doll.

157cm Lovable Fairy Queen Life Size Sex Dolls

Well, all of our TPE series dolls can be made with delicate makeup.

The first part is the base makeup to begin with. We chose a foundation with medium coverage. This is because too much foundation will make the entire makeup look heavy, which is not ideal makeup. Second are the first wild eyebrows. This type of eyebrow needs to be drawn to indicate the direction of the eyebrows. Then fill in the eyebrows with eyebrow powder and choose straighter eyebrows, slightly modified according to different doll models. Third, the eye makeup is the focus of makeup. Use nose shadows to brighten the eye sockets. Choose a darker eyeliner, pull the inner eyeliner and lengthen it slightly at the end of the eye. Put on natural style false eyelashes and use mascara to brush up the false eyelashes. All makeup is delicate. The above three details are the more important points of this new fine makeup process. We will continue to develop new processes in the future so that the majority of users have a better experience.

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