Best Lube for Silicone Dolls

Best Lube for Silicone Dolls

You will be surprised that the silicone doll hides under her beautiful blonde hair. Your little elf ears will stimulate your interest to experience. The curve is excellent. Small and medium in chest. The sex toy's small butt and soft realistic skin can impress you. If you want more than just vaginal sex with a sexy silicone sex doll, try her tight anus and lifelike mouth, you'll be glad to breathe. The person she is chatting with is a cruel person.

Tangerine Sweet Japanese Girl Silicone Adult Doll 165cm

During the first anal sex, this lubricant was developed for beginners of realistic dolls and used during anal sex. It turns mild discomfort into pleasure! Even if it is naturally wet, it may need to be lubricated and moistened for a more interesting sexual experience. Different lubricants react differently to people and you may need to consult a doctor before purchasing. If your skin or realistic doll is itchy and inflamed, don't forget to stop using lubricating oil immediately.

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