Bodybuilder married his sex doll

Bodybuilder married his sex doll

Bodybuilder Yuri Tolochko is married to his girlfriend Margo - a sex doll. Kazakhs endure a lot of hate and sometimes beatings because of unusual relationships and sexual orientation.

Talking about Margo, Yuri Tolochko quickly became enthusiastic. "Deep down, she has such a tender soul," the Kazakh said of his partner. Margo is not a real person but a anime sex doll. Nevertheless, Tolochko has been in a relationship with her for a year and a half. In December 2019, he proposed to her, and the wedding took place recently.

Youri Tolochko and Margo are a married couple. On his Instagram account, the bodybuilder posted some pictures of the ceremony: he wore a smart suit and Margo a white wedding dress. Tolochko twice had to postpone the celebrations in advance. First, the wedding in March was canceled due to corona restrictions. Tolochko was unable to attend an alternate date in October because he was beaten at a transgender demonstration.

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In the Kazakh city of Almaty, he demonstrated in women's clothing for the rights of the LBTQ community. Tolochko describes himself as pansexual - he can fall in love with "one character, one image, one soul, one person only," he told the Daily Star. He also likes to appear in public under the name Amanda. For this he has to endure a lot of hate - despite his muscular build and sometimes punches and kicks.

Tolochko claims he met his current wife, the Love Dolls Margo, at a bar. They insult the people who attacked them there, he defends them, and that's where the great love story begins. The Kazakh bodybuilder willingly and freely went about the life of the couple on his Instagram profile. There is a lot of hate talk there too. Tolochko told the Daily Star that Margo developed the "complex" as a result. She's feeling better after the plastic surgery.

So is this unusual connection mostly about sex? Yes and no, said Tolochko. He likes to be tormented in bed - "but I also like being in charge. Margot can endure things that others can't." Sex that excites me about our story."

Kazakh confessed that he first said yes to a sex doll named Margo and then tricked her with a silver mask. At the same time, he loves chicken, and now he loves ashtrays - Yuri Tolochko's life has not become boring!

"I recently found a new passion," the 36-year-old said in an Instagram post while gently stroking an ashtray, hugging and kissing it at a nightclub.

It was almost love at first sight when he saw him standing in the corner of a disco a few weeks ago.

“At first I just took a picture with him. But then I started getting dressed. I kept wanting to touch and smell it," he continued.

In addition, the "brutal smell" and the "metallicity on the skin" are particularly important to him.

He also likes that it's not a new acquisition by the club's owners: "I also like that it has a history, it's not new, it has served many and still does."

For weeks he has been raving about his new romance - until a few days ago he was finally allowed to spend time alone with him.

"I really like that."

Now he wanted to ask the nightclub owner if he could borrow an ashtray one day, it would look good in his "bunker".

However, he does not want to own the boat and cannot buy a new one. “I hope it continues to work and benefit people. I love the story.”

To have fun, Torochiko is already considering inserting an artificial vagina into the slit.

"Lola and Luna will support it," he added of his beloved sex doll at home. By the way, his wife Margot again and again.

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