Brothel closures - are sex dolls a substitute?

Brothel closures - are sex dolls a substitute?

All brothels in Germany are currently closed due to the corona virus. Of course, this not only means a loss of sales and existential fears for women changing sides, but also for the many men who can no longer live out their sexuality and are now looking for alternatives. Could modern sex dolls be the solution?

prostitutes and sex dolls

Many brothels are already worried about their existence after the current massive outbreak. Although many federal states have different regulations, in most regions all activities related to prostitution are currently prohibited. Individual institutions are open here and there, but hopefully as uncertain as the hope of no more lockdowns.

As a man, you are facing a dilemma right now because it is difficult to switch off your sexuality overnight. Luckily we are now living in 2022 and have the opportunity to have sex in a different way. In these difficult days, a love doll or a real life size sex doll is a perfect substitute. The female body size of almost 1:1 makes the lonely days and nights more bearable. The advantages of modern sex dolls are obvious: you pay for a prostitute every time, but you pay once for a sex doll and carry it with you all the time. You don't have to pay 30 minutes to go, you decide when, where and how often to have fun.

Altha-165cm Sexy Sling Red Dress Life Size Silicone Real Doll

Can love dolls replace prostitution in the long term?

Even if brothels open again soon, strict hygiene requirements must be observed. Who wants to leave their contact details in a brothel? Not to mention the rather bizarre hygiene concepts, like the upper body behind Plexiglas or something like that. Sex behind the glass? How should that look? We look forward to more novel displays in the future.

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