Cheap-doll- The process of making a sex doll

Cheap-doll- The process of making a sex doll

Oh well. While it is true that some of our sex dolls have only just come to earth from Naraia, many of them were created here.
I'll show you how metal, plastic and rubber are transformed into the beautiful creatures we all love. I hope this is interesting and helps explain the complex process of transforming metal and plastic into amazing objects of desire.

The process begins with the artist drawing and designing a beautiful anime sex doll on paper. The sculptor then uses these designs to create a three-dimensional model of the doll.
This is usually done with clay or plaster of paris. The model is divided into several sections.

The most detailed model of the doll's head is made separately. Although models of the legs and arms are sometimes built separately, the entire body is usually a single piece.
Sometimes the form is based on a real person. In this case, the person's skin is smeared with petroleum jelly or some other lubricant, and plaster or rubber is then poured over the body. It will take several hours to set properly before removing.

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Once a complete model has been created, it is used to construct a "negative model" in which to build the entire doll. The mold is a container into which the metal and plastic skeleton is placed and then poured into a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or silicone that is blended into a perfect blend to ensure the doll's body is as soft and firm as human ones skin is. The colors are also blended together to allow the base color of the doll to come to life.

The "skeleton" is also constructed and positioned in the mold. The skeleton is usually thicker on the thighs and chest, so there is an appropriate thickness of TPE or silicone around them to give the doll a firm but soft feel. If the TPE is too thick, the sexdoll will be too wobbly. If the skin is too thin, the doll will be too hard. It is important to build and position the skeleton in the mold.

Once the mold is complete, pour in the TPE or silicone and allow to cool. Then open the mold and take out the finished doll.

When the love doll is first demoulded, a lot of excess material needs to be removed and smoothed out. To do this, the excess material at the seams is cut off with scissors. The skin is then smoothed by heating it and smoothing it with a hot metal rod or spatula. At this point, the doll needs to be completed and customized.

Customization and finishing is a long and detailed process. The nails are attached to the hands. Nipples of the appropriate size, color and texture are glued to the breasts and the surrounding skin is then heated to smooth it. Pubic hair of a specific length, color and texture can be added if desired.

The face requires a lot of work. Eyes or specific colors must be attached. Eyebrows and hair are also dyed.

Genitals are also used. The outer parts can have different colors and textures. Different textures and widths are also appropriate on the inside.

All in all, the whole process takes a few days and involves many different people with a variety of skills. Most of the production takes place in China, but there are also doll factories in Japan and the USA. The process will evolve and become more complex as the puppets become more complex and begin to incorporate audio and movement.

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