Cheap sex doll costume ideas for you

Cheap sex doll costume ideas for you

You should only buy clothes that fit the body type of your cheap sex doll.


A simple leotard is easy to put on. Also, this costume is suitable for most cheap sex dolls. You can also make your sex doll wear a pair of colorful underwear to match the color of her body. If you plan to lie in bed with your doll, then bright and high-quality tights will be a perfect choice.

the combination of skirt and blouse

Do you want school girls to look for your doll? Then all you need is a colorful plaid skirt with a solid color shirt and a headband to achieve this goal. You can put stockings on your sex doll instead of underwear to complete the look.

On the other hand, the combination of a solid color plaid dress and a long-sleeved shirt with a ruffled button front will completely change the look of your sex doll. Of course, you can experiment with the clothes to achieve any look you want for your doll.

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short skirt and t-shirt combo

This clothing combination is probably one of the most common for love dolls. Many doll owners make their sex dolls wear short skirts and t-shirts. If you want to try this look for your doll then you should definitely use a pair of sexy lingerie or stockings to make your doll look better. Many sex dolls look gorgeous in low-waisted skirts and t-shirts.


If you enjoy sleeping in bed with your sex doll, then it's a good idea to get her a nightgown. Quality lingerie or pajamas will make your doll look sexy. Also, it will make your life easier as such nightgowns are easy to wear. It is easy to put on and take off. In addition, most nightgowns are perfect for sex dolls.

sexy lace dresses

If your goal is to make your doll look simple and alluring, then this type of outfit is perfect for you. A quality lace dress with a pleated skirt will undoubtedly make your doll look gorgeous. The lace pattern on the top emphasizes the breasts of your love doll and makes her even more attractive. Also, this type of dress is easy to find. You can even order them on eBay and Etsy. Of course, your real tpe sex doll will look like an amazing temptress if you dress her in a sexy lace dress.

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