China's sex doll industry is booming

China's sex doll industry is booming

You have the exact body of a sexy woman with real trembling boots on the breasts and hips. Sex dolls are not only safe to use but also offer an incredibly realistic experience.

Giving away sex dolls to employees as an annual bonus needs to be a new mindset. We are not aware of any similar incidents elsewhere. We still don't know if the people locking sex dolls are happy. But they can get out of their lonely and mundane life. So don't be surprised if your boss then gives you a sex doll to encourage you.

Since China has had a one-child policy since 1980, boys tend to be more popular than girls, affecting the overall male gender ratio: in 2016, there were 33.59 million more men than women in China. This has contributed to a growing demand in the doll industry, which explains why an early stage tech company used best sex dolls to promote single male representation rather than to make money.

163cm Wheat-colored Skin Fat Beauty An Luna Plump Love Doll

Famous Chinese Sex Doll Owners There are a significant number of sex doll owners in Beijing, but not all buyers buy the dolls for sexual purposes. 29-year-old famous doll owner Song Bo says the doll resembles his daughter. Zhang Fan sees his Dutch wife as a feminine version of himself and spoils her with jewelry and clothes. After 12 years of happily married life, an inflatable doll helped Li overcome his divorce.

He admits that the sex doll has helped him regain his confidence, make him younger and stronger and start a new love life. The best dolls with built-in artificial intelligence resemble life by subtracting the emotional burden of artificial women. This technological genius has captured the imagination of the millennial generation and there are many companies promoting these lovely dolls.

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