Chinese factory doll orders increase in new year 2022

Chinese factory doll orders increase in new year 2022

Our manufacturer contact informed us that Chinese New Year is a big holiday at the beginning of the new year and we started to resume work at the beginning of February. In order to meet the increasing international demand, we mentioned that we need to increase of the production staff by about 25%.

We collect information from customer mailboxes that more and more men want to try sex doll for women. The first feeling of many users buying dolls is that the current dolls are too heavy and come out of the box. The skeleton of the doll must be tight because of its weight, otherwise it cannot form.

The unpredictable toll of the coronavirus pandemic has been devastating for many industries. But these doll products are for all uses, and that's where dolls really excel.

Whether this surge in sex dolls will bring prosperity to the industry remains unclear. According to a poll by dating site Adult FriendFinder, 12 percent of respondents are more likely to consider buying a sex doll because of the pandemic. However, only 5% of respondents said they would definitely buy one. In addition, the remaining 62% agreed that self-isolation reminds them that nothing equals touching another person. That's why they will never buy fat sex doll during a pandemic.

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Enjoy a wide range of real dolls and the ability to customize your sex doll to suit your needs. Cheap-doll's terms and conditions are flexible and you can cancel your order if you change your mind. They pride themselves on their great customer service and have an easy to understand website. If you have a disability and are unable to speak to anyone, then you should speak to a customer mailbox.

And before you bring sex dolls into your life as a married man, you will be introducing these dolls to your partner and you need to know how to buy them from reputable suppliers. Find love dolls now and please conquer your fears and worries in these living beauties.

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