Choose a love doll that meets your different needs

Choose a love doll that meets your different needs

1. Love doll head
The material of the realistic sex doll head affects the delicacy of the face shape and makeup. The silicone head is generally more delicate and realistic than the TPE surface, but it is generally more expensive. However, silicone materials are harder and generally do not have channels in the mouth, while TPE materials are softer and do have channels in the mouth. If your budget is high, you can also buy a herd. The texture of the hair is no different from that of a real person.

2. love doll body
Body materials are often used to meet physiological needs, and TPE is sufficient. If it is used for photography or dressing, and you want a more realistic shape, you can choose a silicone material (higher price). Secondly, pay attention to your choice of size and height. The height is generally between 141cm-180cm, the heavier the heavier (it may be too heavy to carry, it is recommended to contact customer service to check the real doll weight before purchase).

165cm Can Anal Vaginal Life Sized Sex Doll

3. Love doll skeleton

The skeleton of a love doll determines the poses that a love doll man can take. Sex dolls can take many poses with the latest skeletal joints. It has gymnastic flexibility, don't forget to ask customer service when you buy it.

4. Other details of love doll

Choose some better brands, hair, eye color, hairstyles, even bikini styles can be DIY combinations, you can choose the taste you like.

In fact, according to personal circumstances, price, brand and positioning, sex dolls can be bought at home and abroad.

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