Choose dolls wisely and buy them safely

Choose dolls wisely and buy them safely

On many professional sex doll websites, you will see beautification pictures taken by professional photographers that have little to do with reality. Here we can show you a series of photos from the factory, you can always rely on the realistic sex doll visible to the naked eye. Only when it is satisfied is it delivered to the logistics for transport, which is a real guarantee.

The Real Doll was born to make you feel like having sex with the woman of your dreams. You can also find sex dolls in the market that cater to all kinds of fetishes. After all, many men and women have some fetishes that excite them.

Austen 163cm Ultra Real Silicone Adult Sex Doll

Silicone doll

Silicone is the best material for making sex toys. Silicone toys are different (in a way) from rubber and latex toys. This is a luxury consumption toy. They have unparalleled flexibility, silky soft texture and body warmth. Silicone doll come closest to human body once forget to fall in love. Unfortunately, the material is not cheap, which is why silicone dolls are more expensive. On the other hand, you lose what you gain!

TPE love doll

Love dolls made of TPE try to catch up with the first category through advantages and disadvantages, but are slightly inferior to the qualities mentioned above. However, they are still responsive, soft and warm, just a small notch at the bottom of the silicone doll. Despite these shortcomings, the quality and service of TPE sex doll is much better than the inferior rubber and latex imitations that are flooding the market. Both silicone dolls and TPE dolls are hypoallergenic, meaning they pose a negligible risk of allergies to their owners. But one thing, if your TPE doll gets a little sticky with your heat pain, you might want to take some baby powder with you. On the other hand, TPE dolls are not as light in the pocket because the material is cheaper than silicone.

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