Choosing a New Silicone Doll

Choosing a New Silicone Doll

You may have decided on a new sex doll but don't know which of the two popular materials TPE or silicone is best for you. This is a complete guide to both material guides. TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer is a blend of rubber and plastic, making it soft and easy to use. A mixture of rubber and plastic has thermoplastic and elastomeric properties. It can be stretched repeatedly and instantly returns to its original shape. TPE has the characteristics of strong formability, soft texture and good flexibility, etc., and is widely used to make realistic sex doll. It feels soft and looks more like real skin.

170cm Big Tits and Ass Fat Laura Adult Doll

Let's talk about sex! We all talk about sex in one way or another. Flipping is a gender issue. In the office, all your colleagues are sexy and high-heeled. At the bar, some girls will look at you like they're going to eat you alive. Seduction is everywhere! It's difficult for a man to live in a world surrounded by sexy women, especially when he's shy. Are you single or shy or just need to increase sexual pleasure? Silicone dolls is your best solution! We are here to help you and make your world the way you want it.

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