Choosing Breasts for Cheap Sex Doll

Choosing Breasts for Cheap Sex Doll

There are hundreds of choices for cheap sex dolls.

Because of this, deciding what to buy can be a daunting task. A single cheap sex doll store can have a hundred options. Once you have found the sex doll you want to buy, the next thing to look at is the various customization and upgrade options. The breasts of your sex doll, for example, can be individually adjusted and are available in three variants: standard, gel and hollow breasts.

The different breast types and their advantages and disadvantages Standard breasts: The standard breast types are easy to describe. They are made of either solid TPE or silicone, depending on what material your sex doll is made of. This breast type is lively and firm. Still, they have a good level of elasticity and softness, as one would expect from good quality TPE or silicone.

If you are not too picky about how your breasts feel or if you are planning to save money for upgrading your sex doll breasts, then this option is the best choice for you.

In addition, the default breast shape is realistic enough. That's why most owners no longer spend money on retrofits.


For the standard chest types, there is no additional cost to upgrade. They also feel firm and bold. This type of breast also comes with the silicone sex doll that you are about to purchase. So no need to look for a store to buy them from.

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The only downside to standard breasts is that they are not as soft and supple as other tpe sex doll breasts. Therefore, sex dolls with standard breasts cannot imitate the feeling of real human female breasts.

gel breast types

If you are looking for a sex doll breast that best mimics the feeling of a real female breast, gel breast is your best choice. Compared to standard breasts, yellow breasts feel softer. On the other hand, they feel tighter and more lively than the hollow chest type.

Additionally, gel implants for sex doll breasts are the perfect middle ground. This allows them to accurately mimic the movement and feel of real human breasts. The gel used to create this breast option feels and acts like real human fat, which is what makes the sex doll's breasts feel so realistic. Of course, if you are looking for the most realistic doll breasts, the gel breast option is the perfect upgrade.

The advantages

Gel breasts are the most realistic breast option you can have for your love doll. In addition, the yellow breasts are soft, but firm and perky.


There is only one downside to gel breasts. In fact, this option is the most expensive of the three options. So if you don't have the budget or are not willing to spend the money to upgrade this breast type, the gel breast type may not be the best option for you.

Hollow Chest

If you want your sex doll to have a pair of light and bouncy breasts that are very soft to the touch, then you might want to consider the hollow-breasted type.

As the name suggests, hollow breasts are hollow inside. Instead of solid TPE or gel implants, hollow breasts are filled with air. This property makes them softer and more wobbly. Because of this, you can touch your love doll's breasts or watch them bounce tirelessly as you rock your sex doll back and forth.

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