Cleaning your love doll vagina

Cleaning your love doll vagina

If you have a mini sex doll, you will use it frequently. You have to take care of her.

A big problem for many of these toys is that it is very difficult to dry the inside after cleaning.

Additionally, men create all-natural physical fluids that will stick to your doll over time. At worst, they can cause some serious problems for your body.

If you tidy up your doll often, it will greatly extend its life.

How should you clean your sex dolls?
When you clean the sex doll for the first time, you feel at a loss, where to start?

For basic cleaning, there are a few spots that are best focused on. Not surprisingly, these are the places you use most: the vaginal canal, anus, or mouth. After use, these components are most likely filled with physical fluids such as semen.

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You need to find a way to position your doll so that you have easy access to these areas for cleaning.

If you actually have a bathtub, put your sex doll in it! It helps you reach all parts of your doll body.

However, make sure to raise your doll both in the bathroom and specifically in the bathroom. Any sprinkles left on the doll will surely add a lot of extra weight and you could cause some back problems yourself if you lift it incorrectly.

Dry your sex doll
First, you can use a towel to rub off the unwanted splatters, but you should make sure that there isn't very much chance of leaving a lot of extra fluff on the doll that you've simply invested years cleaning up.
A fluffy towel is usually the best choice.

Second, you can use tampons to properly dry orifices. Basically in all doll openings and also leave them there to absorb the remaining wetness.

Finally, don't use hair dryers! I cannot suggest this as you are far more likely to damage your doll.

Cleaning isn't really one of the absolutely most exciting aspects of a sex doll, but it is an extremely crucial one. If you insist on cleaning after each use, your doll will be more attractive and the effect will last longer.

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