Close to human skin texture TPE sexy doll feel good

Close to human skin texture TPE sexy doll feel good

This material is the most critical feature of sex dolls because it makes them look realistic. High quality sex dolls are soft to the touch, soft under the hands and overall comfortable. Now, depending on the type of game you are playing, you can choose between the following options, silicone sex doll and TPE sex doll. In the small but committed sex doll community, there is a constant debate over which of these materials is the best. If you are looking for sweet sex with a soft and gentle sex doll, go to TPE. TPE or thermoplastic elastomer is more ductile than silicone. However, for this reason, it is also less durable. Although silicone sex dolls are not so soft, they can cope with rough play and some harsh conditions, such as high or low temperature. So if you want to swim or sunbathe with your doll, silicone is the best choice.

We also believe that boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, wives, friends with benefits, etc. are excellent. They are not substitutes or substitutes for sex dolls. First, let's clear up a myth. Sex doll consumers are not alone. We offer anime sex doll to many people who are well connected or who meet regularly. Most people also have an active social life. Our dolls enhance their relationship or satisfy their relationship needs. They can be used to express fantasies, try out new technologies, or provide relief when a couple doesn't have the same sexual desire.

157cm White Black Hair Life Sized Solid Tpe Dolls

They are usually available in e-commerce stores at very low prices. It is recommended to clean the doll in places where water can easily drain, such as bathrooms. You can even take her into the bathtub and bathe with her. It is important to take care of herself even after an interesting conversation. You can buy loofah with a stick. This will make it easier for you to rub your ass, pussy and mouth. It also removes residue after sex. If not cleaned properly, the doll's skin will have odor and damage the quality and condition of your doll. It is best to use the loofah first, then use a vaginal irrigator to remove the soapy water or vinyl.

If you want to change your sex doll's wigs often, use Verico squares instead of bobby pins and need adhesive on both sides. Place one side of the doll on the wig and the other side on the wig. Put the fake on the TPE sex doll, then fix the wig firmly on the love doll and the square of the love doll will be aligned. Avoid using adhesives and glues, as they are not only messy but difficult to remove and can damage the doll's scalp and skin. Avoid using elastic bands and straps, as they can leave permanent marks on the soft skin of TPE dolls if left on too long. Avoid wearing dark wig caps as they leave stains on your realistic sex dolls skin, especially light wigs.

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