Custom 6 high-end silicone dolls in Gangcun Japan

Custom 6 high-end silicone dolls in Gangcun Japan

Gangcun is my new client, Japanese. Its full name is Gangcun Taro. His appointment is the largest since I joined the company. I ordered 6 silicone dolls each, all custom made, and each silicone sex doll costs around 4,000 euros. When Gangcun was young, his work skills were excellent. He and his wife were sent to the US office as directors shortly after their marriage. When he was busy, he couldn't go home once a year. He made a lot of money during those years and missed a lot. He wasn't in Japan after his son was born and he didn't know until after his father died. He was always busy and busy. When he retired and returned to Japan, he wanted to reunite with his family and enjoy life with his wife, but his wife had breast cancer. Like him, his son was sent to work overseas and was difficult to meet.

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Gangcun looked at the big house and several luxury cars in the garage and realized that he had been struggling all his life and nobody was around. He remembered what his wife looked like when he was young and was heartbroken. So I found photos of several important stages in my wife's life and customized these love dolls.

Later, Gangcun would often email to tell me about the sex dolls. He bathed the silicone dolls, wore new clothes, and pushed the doll to the park to bask in the sun. Knowing his doll, his neighbors and friends met him at the park and greeted him with his high-end sex doll. Love dolls are like his loved ones.

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