Description of sex doll TPE material

Description of sex doll TPE material

TPE stands for thermoplastic elastomer, although it is sometimes referred to as thermoplastic rubber. The reason the "rubber" is thrown in is because synthetic rubber is mixed into the plastic to make it stickier and softer. This is useful for creating lifelike skin on realistic dolls, elastic chests, plump buttocks and all those good things.

After heating most plastics in the mold they harden irreversibly, but thermoplastics do not, they are still soft. Most plastics are durable, but they are not very soft and cannot be stretched and then return to their original shape, while synthetic rubber can. Someone looked at the advantages of thermoplastics and synthetic rubber and then thought what if I could have both materials at the same time? A soft rubbery substance that can stretch and recover its original shape. Therefore, the combination of these two polymers was tested and gradually perfected only in the 1950s. In fact, the TPE cheap sex dolls maker is perfecting and improving TPE every year!

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Because TPE is plasticizing, it can easily be used with injection molding. For example, when using a doll, a shape is split into two parts, the front and the back. Put the metal framework in, clamp the two molds together, then the TPE can be injected into the mold at high temperature and then solidified. When the mold breaks, the TPE inside becomes smooth and soft like jelly. Any seam created at the junction of the two halves of the mold can be "ironed" with a heating pad to form a soft and seamless end product.

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