Design your silicone doll with your inspiration

Design your silicone doll with your inspiration

Many people endure the life of loneliness and loneliness. He is busy working in his own little world every day. It's hard to have a chance to find a beautiful lover. Even harmonious couples have the same unbearable pain as endurance. OK, today let's take a look at Jim and Julian's story. Here is a video conversation between Jim and Jiang Sen.

- Hello! Jiang Sen, look here, this is our current "girlfriend" - Julian. She is a realistic silicone realistic sex doll and I paid less than 1000 for her. I'm happy to share with you because I think you need it too.
- Wow! Brother, what are you doing? What do you say? Your girlfriend?
- Yes, uh… I know this news is too sudden, you can't accept it for a while. Look here, the video may not be clear enough. Can you see it?

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- Yes, but you say she's your girlfriend, I don't understand what happened?
- Yes, in short, last week I went to a classmate's party and he recommended this adult toy to me. It was so crazy, buddy, he tried his girlfriend for me.
- What? His girlfriend?
- Yes, his girlfriend is also a blonde doll. In the online store spent 1000 bought, height 170. Look how soft the skin is, look here, and this pair of chests.
- Oh no! It's not true, it's impossible.
- Yeah, I just said it was amazing when I first heard him talking about his girlfriend. How can a doll be so sweet? When I came to his room to see his girlfriend. I can not believe it.
- Why are you that girlfriend, I mean why is your doll less than 1000 pieces?
- Because she is another style, height 168cm, there are many different sizes. You can customize one according to your own ideas.
- Really? Are you serious?
- Yes, agree with the merchant.
- Yes, I don't work on weekends, I want to visit your house and see your girlfriend, Julian. I want to know if she's as amazing as you said she is.
- No problem, I'll take you to try my Julian on Saturday afternoon. Yeah, you don't tell anyone, I don't want to be ridiculed by them.
- OK.
- It's okay, see you on the weekend.
- Goodbye.

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