Different countries have different preferences for sex dolls

Different countries have different preferences for sex dolls

Sex dolls have spread all over the world and become a global product. However, due to differences in culture, religion and customs in different countries and regions, people's acceptance and preference for sex dolls are also very different. So, on a global scale, which countries are the main places of consumption for cheap sex dolls? What are the characteristics of sex doll preferences in which countries? Let's understand the similarities and differences of sex doll culture in different countries.


The main consumption place of sex dolls in Asian countries is Japan, and sex dolls have more than 30 years history in Japan under the name “Dutch Wife”. The Japanese prefer cute and youthful sex dolls, especially loli and girly sex dolls. This is closely related to Japanese animation culture. In addition, there are also certain sex doll consumer groups in South Korea and China whose preferences are more mainstream and global in nature.

North America

The main region for sex doll consumption in North America is the United States, and sex doll acceptance is higher among Americans. However, due to religious factors, Americans tend to choose sex dolls with normal proportions of European and American guys rather than overly exaggerated guys. They prefer very individual and extremely realistic sex dolls.


European countries are also more accepting of sex dolls, and the main consumer countries are Germany, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. European sex doll preferences follow mainstream aesthetics, and more and more sex dolls choose European and American sex dolls with realistic proportions. However, there are also people who choose bold and over-the-top sex dolls, which has to do with the open and inclusive culture in Europe.


Australia is the main buyer country for most realistic sex doll in Oceania and the choice of sex dolls for Australians is relatively wide and they tend to globalize and Europeanize products. But there are also people who choose sex dolls that are more youthful and sexy.

Due to their unique cultural background, different countries and regions have different acceptance and choices of sex dolls. However, under the influence of globalization, the established European and American aesthetics and global products also have a great influence on the choice of sex dolls in different countries. The differences in sex doll preferences are inseparable from the dominance of culture, and are also influenced and unified by the trend of globalization. As a result, sex dolls not only maintain their own characteristics in different cultures, but also gradually approach the global aesthetics and products.

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