Do Real Silicone Sex Dolls Have Skeletons?

Do Real Silicone Sex Dolls Have Skeletons?

The doll skeleton is in the body of a real love doll. You can't tell the difference at all. When I meet someone, the silicone of the silicone sex doll body is cut off, revealing the skeleton. However, the skeleton quality of the official manufacturers is generally very good. I've never heard of anything wrong with the body's skeleton. In general, love dolls have skeletons, and those with skeletons can pose in a variety of ways. In general, only very small dolls do not have skeletons.

158cm Beautiful Milk Wheat European Sexy Doll

If you buy a real sex doll, you can pose her freely because it uses human-friendly materials, so it feels safe and has a very comfortable texture. Even if you pull it, it won't deform or break.

Since you can pose freely, you can fulfill your desires for a well-organized body line. You can rock your hips in back, cowgirl, and missionary positions! You can adjust not only your height and weight, but also your face shape and skin tone. The face is also uncomplainingly a cute type and can be picked up and acted on. It can be said that the advantage of this product is that you can also have anal sex and enjoy the double hole gameplay.

As the temperature rises, it becomes softer, more comfortable to hold and closer to human skin. And because it's a very high shrinkage material, it won't stretch or tear. Made of elastomer materials, sex dolls are more realistic and smooth in texture, making them the mainstream of live-action dolls in the future. And since the metal of the skeleton is made of alloy stainless steel, the built-in metal frame faithfully reproduces the movement of human bones and joints, allowing realistic movements to be created. The entire doll will also have a long service life.

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