Do you enjoy sex with a small breasted sex doll?

Do you enjoy sex with a small breasted sex doll?

Do you prefer a big boobs sex doll or after a small breast sex doll?

Some men like different types of women while others like the same type of women.

Most women I see are slim and have small breasts. Some women with small breasts are sexy.

It's definitely the most likely. I think smaller breasts are what I prefer.

Men can enjoy sex with flat-chested or small-chested women, but not everyone is attracted to breasts.

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The pleasure of having sex with dolls

I like sex with a human sex doll to feel the soft flesh. I love kissing on the nipples and sucking when enjoying boobs. With big breasts I can hold, lift, squeeze and bury my face in. Often just putting your hands on a doll's breasts will make them rock hard, they tend to be round, full and firm.

I like the fact that my doll has small breasts, they were nicely shaped and had cute nipples. It is very pleasant when you have sex.

When I reach the point of no return, I squirt my semen all over her cute little tits, which is my favorite thing to do.

If you can have sex with a guy, you can enjoy it.

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