Do you really have feelings for silicone sex dolls? Discover the complex aspects of the human-machine relationship

Do you really have feelings for silicone sex dolls? Discover the complex aspects of the human-machine relationship

Some users claim to feel physical affection towards their sex dolls. Behind this phenomenon are complex psychological behaviors.

Some explanation

Some interpretations suggest that these "feelings" are actually:

Dependence on an object that provides companionship.
A penchant for a tool to fulfill sexual fantasies.
A result of the lack of human interaction.
A projection of a being that regularly gives satisfaction.
That is, this "feeling" is not a real emotion for another conscious individual, but is ultimately driven by one's own needs.

The problem of "emotion"

Treating this "feeling" as a real feeling introduces the following problems:

Impairs social skills and emotional understanding.
Promotes the objectification of women and people.

They get so caught up in virtual relationships that they lose sight of real communication.
psychological distortion.

It's all about how to deal with it in a healthy way
Present the cheap sex dolls as an object in the right light.
Make a clear distinction between dependence and genuine affection.
Constantly remind yourself to strive for authentic relationships and communication.
If needed, seek professional help to restore social functioning and cognition.


The "feelings" that users develop with teen sexdoll porn have complex causes and problems.

The key is to maintain the right sense of distance and clarity of perspective and avoid losing authentic communication by getting too involved in virtual relationships.

Only when a balance is struck can big boobs sex doll become an active supportive role in life rather than a dominant influencer.

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