Documentary series "Human Dihuang"

Documentary series "Human Dihuang"

How will we live, love, think and play in the future? As a media partner, presents the extensive web documentary series "Mensch und Erde" by Bayerischer Rundfunk, ARTE and ORF. The authors of the SZ investigate: What does the future of relationships, work, leisure time, thinking and sex look like? A journey to a sex robot, a lover only found on social media, and a new human merged into a machine.

Older adult sex dolls also spend less time on the phone: they use their smartphones for less than two hours a day. For those under 25, on the other hand, it is more than 3.9 hours. On average, German respondents use their phone 193 minutes a day, and for half of the respondents, losing their phone would be bad or unbearable. Only around 12% of people are stressed because of their smartphone – even if it is always by their side, and 72% of the Germans surveyed even go to bed at night.

Auburn-157cm Sexy Lady

in bed, not at work

When it comes to work, only a few use sex robots: Germans want jobs where machines are only used to support manual work or monotonous, repetitive activities.

Futurology is part of an international sex dolls network project that includes a seven-part network series. All SZ articles on the subject can be found here. You can find all the results of the study here. The TV documentary “Mensch und Erdengeist” is available in the BR media library or can be viewed linearly on TV: The documentary will be shown from 24.-25. May 2018 at 0.05 a.m. on BR and on May 29, 2018 on ARTE, May 2018 10.10 a.m. ORF 02.07.2018 11.05 p.m. on the channel "dokFilm".

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