Does this male sex doll look like PewDiePie?

Does this male sex doll look like PewDiePie?

Sex dolls are very popular these days. These life size humanoid dolls are a lonely male sex doll.

The COVID-19 pandemic has even caused this male sex doll to become more popular. That's because many people have no choice but to isolate for their own safety. As a result, they became more and more isolated and began to seek companionship. But with a virus spreading almost everywhere in the world and nobody available for physical contact, it's almost impossible to find a company.

Because of this, people, especially men living alone, began looking for alternatives to physical contact. This is where the sex dolls come in., currently one of the most popular manufacturers of sex doll, says it has received hundreds more inquiries than usual. The company also saw a 51.6% increase in orders from single men.

Needless to say, sex dolls became the company of people who isolated themselves for safety reasons. Due to the huge increase in sales and demand for these love dolls, sex doll manufacturers had to find ways to improve the level of the dolls they produce. Some want to make dolls that look like celebrities and other famous people.

But what surprised us in our research was that we found a sex doll that looks a lot like YouTuber PewDiePie.

A sex doll that looks like PewDiePie, really? is this legal
Sex dolls are all the rage right now. So it wouldn't be surprising if there was a suitable sex doll for every man's fantasy. For example, there are love dolls that look like fairies, anime characters and of course celebrities. In fact, customers can now customize the dolls they buy and add whatever features they want. That's legal because they don't market her as a PewDiePie sex doll. That's just an observation that inevitably caught our eye!

But if there's something that surprises us on the internet, it's silicone sex dolls that have similar characteristics to PewDiePie. There are many PewDiePie characters out there. Flush toys, funko pops, pop vinyl records and collectibles to name a few can all be found on the internet. It should come as no surprise that there is a love doll that resembles PewDiePie.

Ansley 161cm F Cup Lifelike Realdoll TPE SEDOLL


The body shape of the sex doll is amazingly similar to the YouTube star's figure and height. Although there are some differences, the doll's face is that of a YouTuber.

The sex doll is made of silicone. This makes it feel soft, just like real human skin. The silicone body is also the reason why this sex doll is very easy to clean and maintain.

In addition, it has a steel skeleton with movable joints. Because of this, the user can put the sex doll in any sexual position they want. Knowing that most of the people who will use the sex doll are women, the manufacturer makes sure that the weight is not too heavy.

You can also buy other accessories for the sex dolls. You can jazz it up a bit and display it in your bedroom when not in use. However, if you want to be discreet, you can buy a storage box to ensure that you keep the lifelike sex doll in a safe place, away from other people's eyes. The storage box not only protects the doll from moisture and dirt that could damage her skin.

The advantages of sex dolls

Sex dolls are considered taboo by many people. In reality, however, it offers many advantages.

Satisfaction of the user's sexual needs

Many people are afraid of commitment and therefore only seek casual sex. However, it's not every day that they find someone willing to have sex with them. For these people, sex dolls are the perfect solution to satisfy their carnal cravings.

Help men avoid unwanted pregnancies

If you have sex with a human partner, chances are you will impregnate her. Even if you use a condom, you cannot completely rule out this risk. But when you have a sex doll, you can have sex at any time of the day without having to worry about anything.

Protection against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

STD is a delicate disease. You can't see it, but it's there. So if you meet a woman in a bar who has an STD and you have sex with her, you won't know you have the disease until the symptoms appear.

However, Real Doll will never worry you. With proper cleaning and care, your sex dolls will be free from bacteria, viruses, and mold that can cause illness. Also, you are the only person who can use your sex doll. So you don't have to worry that the last person you had sex with might have an STD.

Sex dolls never say "no"

When having sex with a real person, they can also say no if you want something. Conversely, you can use sex dolls as many times as you want. You can live out your wildest fantasies without hearing the word 'no'. Also, you can have as much sex with him as you want without getting tired of it.

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