Doll cleaning services must be taken seriously

Doll cleaning services must be taken seriously

Each doll has an amazing body. Customize your love dolls freely and choose any action according to your desires. This doll loves nature and hours of sex. Then what?

It must be cleaned after each use. Your sex doll needs to be clean before you can have great sex with her. It doesn't matter what you want to do with her, but after having sex with her, it's wise to take the opportunity to take a bath together. After that, wipe them dry and dry the powder to remove the remaining moisture. Then you can go back to sleeping with her or protect her and wait for the next time.

Clean the head. While you might want to take a romantic bath with the WM Doll, remember that their body parts are not identical. For example, when bathing together, be careful not to submerge your head in water. Because with the special special tools assigned to this task, the head of your realistic sex doll should be cleaned individually in different ways. You will find that their hair and eyes are delicate and require special attention. Why don't you wash your hair in the tub? It's simple, you can let her sit in the tub in an upright position and join her, being careful not to let her fall over in the tub. Then you can enjoy the bath together.

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soaps and chemicals. WM-Doll are made from TPE material and refined over time to create the best possible product. Certain substances added to these programs may react with other chemicals. Therefore, not all types of soap can be used on sex dolls. Silicone sex dolls are a little hard and easily react to harsh soaps and chemicals. You should only use recommended detergents and other chemicals (such as mild soap) to clean them.

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