Emotional bond of doll friends

Emotional bond of doll friends

Some men have an emotional attachment to lifelike male sex dolls. They call themselves "Friends of the Dolls" and anonymously use online forums to exchange photos, experiences and suggestions. In recent years their number has increased from a few hundred to more than 20,000.

Some people find emotional comfort in buying physical dolls. However, for some people, a doll is just a substitute for an emotional connection. Many children are also interested in discovering and maintaining emotional connections with others.

The difficult part is that there are many obstacles to your hobbies. Some people have stereotypes: Some people think that they subconsciously dislike or fear the opposite sex. They treat the opposite sex as an object. Maybe you're not ready, or maybe it's difficult to develop a truly normal relationship with yourself.

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Sex dolls are clean and there is no risk of infectious diseases, but men can love them with confidence. You can satisfy your sexual desire at any time. "She is waiting for you. It's only for you, it will never leave you. The return on your investment in silicone realistic sex doll is very generous. If you choose a prostitute, you will be happy even in the short term, but when the night is over, the woman will eventually leave you after the night. After that, you have sexual desire and want to have another sex partner.

In China, thousands of men leave their hometowns and their families to work in cities, returning home every weekend or less. However, with the advent of loneliness, many people feel the need to be accompanied and are happy to take sex dolls with them.

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