Enjoy realistic fake sex with the love doll

Enjoy realistic fake sex with the love doll

The original is cuter than the product launch photos on the official website. The love doll has a sophisticated design in facial and body details and is made of a material that is as similar as possible in look, style and feel to a woman's human skin. It might be easier to imagine a more realistic mannequin. And the female genital part is equipped with various channel functions. And the material is TPE. The first feature of TPE material is that it is lighter than silicone. If you don't mind the taste, the texture will change with the change in temperature. Is it a distinctive part of the texture that changes with it? the temperature change?

Feel free to enjoy sex! It has the soft touch and elasticity of human skin, has the deep softness of a little girl or a fat woman, easy to insert and easy to grip when the butt is. Not only the missionary position, but also the female upper back posture is easy to perform, and you can enjoy realistic pseudo intercourse. It doesn't matter if you play hard!

157cm White Skin Anime Keiko Japanese Tpe Doll

TPE really reproduces the feel of the skin

We know that when the life size sex doll material is TPE, the choice of heating function is reasonable and necessary. Simply put, it is a material that stretches slightly when heated. It's so soft that you can enjoy the illusion of holding a real girl. And because it uses high quality PTE material, it truly reproduces the feel of human skin to look and feel like a real woman! Caressing her breasts, smooth as sticky, soft and full of charm makes you want to rub them, the experience is very good, come and try it.

The sex doll has almost the same joints as a human, so you can take different poses like normal sex. Also, the hole section has a very realistic finish. Of course, both vaginal and anal holes can be used. Since you can pose freely, you can fulfill your desires for a well-organized body line.

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