Enjoy the finer things in life with sex dolls

Enjoy the finer things in life with sex dolls

With the development of the times, the application of TPE and silicone-based materials and steel joints with greater flexibility have caused the casual sex doll industry to constantly innovate, making these dolls of more and more real objects. Although many people prefer to be sucked by real women, there is not really a distance between the play doll and the advantages it offers, and some aspects even exceed the advantages that real women can offer.

It's undeniable. People's demands are very high! They only enjoy the best things in life. You need to drink and eat for the tpe sex doll to keep her happy. Yet the man who has won her love gets ten times the reward. The silicone sex dolls are very faithful. She knows how to take care of men. She is also the absolute generator in the bedroom. When you finish your love for the doll, it is worth spending every penny loving it!

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Some of these explanations will help you better understand the feeling of fellatio in real dolls, the need for lubrication - unlike real women, silicone anime sex doll do not naturally produce saliva and therefore require lubrication. This is an aspect they lack compared to a living woman. In addition, the real woman's mouth is hotter than the inanimate doll, so it is necessary to heat it before using it. In addition, these dolls have an auto-reply feature that sometimes takes away the natural and beneficial environment experienced by real women.

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