Establish a place for your adult dolls in your home

Establish a place for your adult dolls in your home

For some, TPE adult dolls are replaced by the owner's attention and sometimes even forgotten. When putting on a doll, you are usually out of luck. They have to be careful with them, which can get worse if not stored properly. TPE that is not properly dried before storage is particularly susceptible to degradation.

Others may decide to sell their silicone dolls through forums. If you think this deal might be the ultimate girl's fate, I highly recommend picking a girl with a one-liner, and if the intent of the new buyer is sex, you usually get a higher price.

165cm Wheat Color Big Tits Plump Tpe Adult Doll

Unfortunately, the media sells newspapers as best they can. Their impressions focus on shock and tedious factors to sell their copies, these are usually stories and rarely facts. If anything, it's the media that discriminates against women by insisting that our owners of realistic love dolls only want these best sex dolls, so we can get up on a whim. It's the fact that the media actually sold their copy without any major research. They reinforced their prejudices by herding the flock.

Problem solved, as long as I stood in the tub it was now firmly in place. It reminds me of what happened shortly after I bought the last cheap WM DOLL. I left her in the tub and facing the shower. I had to leave it for a few minutes, then I heard a total crash. I ran upstairs at the speed of light and found his feet sliding backwards, lying face down in the tub! It was a nightmare. Luckily it wasn't damaged, but my lesson was learned.

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