Expensive medical silicone love dolls significant other

Expensive medical silicone love dolls significant other

Sex toys are totally obedient. In your busy daily life, you just want a comfortable and warm environment to go home after a full day of work. The person who accompanies you and helps you eliminate negative energy is your life partner. In a sense, this sounds easy, but it is rare. Due to the awkward collapse and alarming rise in marriage cases, silicone love dolls remain the only choice for lifelong marriage.

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Likewise, customers can expect very smart and complex conversations with the elite. Thanks to their magical and fun conversations, these escorts can make you feel completely relaxed, stress-free and world-class. In fact, you can discuss anything with these female life size sex doll. In addition, everything they discuss with you is strictly confidential. Do you want to buy an expensive medical silicone doll? Medical silicone is an expensive material, so love dolls are almost twice as expensive. Compared to TPE models, they are more durable, more resistant to abrasion, less prone to deformation and discoloration, but feel a little harder. In terms of hygiene, condoms are best used. Sperm does not affect the material. There is a special syringe for cleaning narrow holes. Clean the holes with soapy water after the operation. Drying the genitals is important, otherwise you will get mold.

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