Factors to consider before traveling with a sex doll

Factors to consider before traveling with a sex doll

The nature of your travel plans will determine your level of preparation. Would you like to explore the countryside at the weekend? Or are you visiting another country or traveling domestically? If you're planning to travel across the country, consider using your car, or better yet, a motor home (RV). This way you have plenty of space to carry your favorite real dolls and you can even enjoy sex in a safe and comfortable environment.

sex doll size

Of course, your Dutch wife's size will dictate how much planning and effort it takes to travel with her. So do you have a sex doll torso or full size model? In most cases, the torso fits easily into the duffel bag without any problems with the inspectors. But if you have a huge sex doll, you may need to use a big box. Therefore, please consider the size of your sex doll before arranging the packaging.

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Add sex doll function

As with dildos and vibrators, extra bells and vibrating whistles can mean extra attention when traveling with collectibles. In most cases you can switch off the function while driving to avoid unwanted attention while driving. With sex dolls with big breasts, extras like warmth and moans give you a real feeling of a real couple's wedding.

Pro tip: If you are planning to travel abroad, it is a good idea to inform the customs staff in advance that you are traveling with sex dolls. It prepares them, relieves sudden shocks and, in most cases, annoying repetitive problems.

Notice! It's not always strange to travel with your Dutch wife. After all, she's your partner and the fun doesn't have to be at home. Travel the world with your silicone sex doll and experience a wild adventure together - of course. Discover different Dutch wives here and start your adventure!

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