Fake doll sales company in the basement

Fake doll sales company in the basement

There are many so-called "basement companies" that are basically a homemade website. It is these traders who have caused trouble in the industry. There seem to be several manufacturers in China that produce the popular TPE love doll. However, only one of these producers actually produces high-quality TPE mini sex doll and supplies them to the industry. The rest ship extremely poor quality TPE dolls.

The problem here is that many small (mostly newly founded small (basement) companies) buy their TPE sex dolls from these dealers and sell them to end users in Germany. The reason for this is also obvious. It's the price! However, fake TPE dolls are much cheaper than the original ones.

157cm Smiling Young Woman With Small Breasts Wheat-colored Skin

Therefore, these small basement companies always offer their TPE sex dolls at prices well below the market average. Customers who come across such offers wonder why they are getting their favorite doll for so cheap and paying hundreds more.

Cheap-doll has been in the German dolls industry for many years, we guarantee the professional quality of your doll while supporting free customization. This doll might look Russian, but she's always ready to cheer you on! You can also customize it as you like, we have tons of head options, hairstyles, eyes, skin tones... so it can be a soccer player for your favorite team!

But you can get any real anime sex doll you like and sweat a little more together this summer... check out the other doll models. The good news: even if you don't like soccer, the sex doll won't complain and you can have fun during breaks or after games!

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