Father And Daughter Make Expensive Flirty Silicone Doll Together

Father And Daughter Make Expensive Flirty Silicone Doll Together

Everyone knows silicone dolls, many people are still avid fans of dolls. Every new sex doll wants, buy all the castles and plan to live. Ins there is a world where father and daughter also love sex doll, but they don't buy it, they do it themselves! Most importantly, the finished product is truly amazing.

This father may be very interested in the miniature world and enjoys making all kinds of furniture. All finished products are hand polished a little! The furniture is beautiful and different in style. As big as a rocking sofa and as small as a pillow hanger, it can be said that it is very thoughtful.

163cm White Skin Fat Woman Alec Plump Doll

In fact, there are many pictures on Ins. Some images are very revealing in pajamas. They are very charming (it's not clear to use silicone to describe silicone life size sex doll, is it?). In fact, my concern is that these silicone dolls look so expensive! !! !! The joints are all movable ~~ I want to ask if your family still has the kind of love dolls.

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