Features of the Mini Sex Doll

Features of the Mini Sex Doll

The first feature is that they are large and small.

The first feature is big and small. These dolls are between 150cm and 160cm tall and weigh no more than 45kg. They are made of high quality silicone or TPE material so they really feel like a real person's skin. They also have a posable head and joints on their necks, arms and legs so you can move them as you please. As soon as you turn it on, this little sex doll stands upright!

The second characteristic is that she is thin and slender

When it comes to the second feature of a mini sex doll, it should be thin. Why is she so skinny? Because men are not attracted to fat girls. The ideal size is as follows.

Height should be between 160 cm and 170 cm; if you have a narrow bone structure your ideal height may be 160cm to 165cm.

The weight should be under 50kg; if you have a relatively small and delicate physique, your ideal weight may be between 42 kg and 48 kg.

If you are looking to buy a mini adult sex doll with bangs or short hair for your personal needs, then before you buy from us, you should make sure whether there is any damage on the face that makes her look unsightly (such as acne scars), as there our dolls are handmade there may be a few small defects here and there, but we try not to make them too obvious as customers don't realize the care we take in making them!

The third quality is to be solid and flexible.

Elasticity is the ability of a material to return to its original shape after being stretched or compressed. It is a measure of a material's ability to deform under an applied load and to return to its original shape after the load is removed.

The fourth feature is longevity and resistance to aging.

This doll is made of TPE, which is elastic and soft. When you touch them, you can feel their elasticity! It is very similar to human skin. You can hold this doll as if it were a real human!

Over time, the joints will become more flexible than when they arrived at your home or office. Also the TPE material will soften over time......

This means that 10 years from now your sex doll will not be as stiff as you remembered from the first purchase.

165cm Busty Linda Busty Tpe Doll

The fifth feature is zero maintenance, long term cost savings and no loss of virginity
For example.

The doll is easy to clean, easy to store and transport, and easy to hide when not in use.

If you take good care of your mini sex doll, it will work for years without any problems!

Of course, she has a lot of life in her and can take about 10 times a day, so you can imagine what it would be like to have sex with a girl 10 times a day! She has a very strong life force.

Of course, she has great life force and can take about 10 times a day, so you can imagine what it would be like to do it 10 times a day with a girl! She is a great example of that. She is also very flexible and can bend in any direction. In addition, her body is made of silicone and has realistic skin pores. The oil used for skin care is said to have been specially developed by the manufacturer for this doll's body care, making it feel more natural than other materials on the market.


We've learned so much about these beautiful dolls that you don't need to buy them right away. She will love the time you spend with her because you are willing to do it for her.

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