FedEx bans shipping of all sexdoll torso in UK

FedEx bans shipping of all sexdoll torso in UK

Pornographic and/or obscene material, including mannequins and sexdoll torso are listed in the FedEx ban.

On March 23rd, 2021, Phil Bass, owner of The Doll House, a leading real doll shop in the UK, made an important discovery regarding the shipping of sexdoll torso via Fedex in the UK. A customer's 165cm JY doll was sent back to China by Fedex as a prohibited commodity, but was not confiscated. Phil contacted a member of The Doll Forum (TDF) named Haremlover, who has successfully dealt with UK customs matters in the past and according to Haremlover's contact at Fedex, sex dolls are now considered a prohibited commodity. Haremlover's UK FedEx contact said.

"After speaking to several colleagues from the customs clearance team this afternoon to understand what could be the reason for these returns, I was told that while it is legal to bring dolls into the UK, FedEx and FedEx prohibit such goods , and that senders should not use our service to send dolls to the UK, even if they are adult sized. If the documentation clearly states what the contents are, the collector should not accept the package, but unfortunately sometimes packages are picked up without being carefully inspected.

Armani 161cm Japanese Silicone Head Sex Doll

After visiting FedEx's Global Shipping Restrictions and Prohibited Items page, Phil discovered that lifelike sex dolls that were listed as "Life-size, anatomically correct mannequins" were now banned by Fedex in the UK. After contacting Fedex, Phil received the following reply from Ricky Palmer, GTS Customs Clearance Specialist at Fedex (UK).

“Hi Phil. Unfortunately, pornographic and/or obscene material, including mannequins and sex dolls, is on the Fedex ban list. This means FedEx will generally not ship such shipments and no exceptions will be granted. The legality of these shipments is irrelevant to our decision not to ship these shipments as it is an internal decision of FedEx/TNT not to ship these shipments.”

Unbeknownst to most suppliers, manufacturers and customers, FedEx UK has recently placed sex dolls on the prohibited items list and will no longer ship or receive sex dolls in the UK. All sex dolls that recently arrived in the UK via FedEx have been sent back to China. Child size silicone sex dolls have been banned in the UK since 2017, but now FedEx UK has taken an unprecedented initiative to ban all sex dolls, including adult sized sex dolls, outright. Those who doubt that a ban on child sex dolls will result in a total ban on all sex dolls may have already done something about it.

How this affects you
If you live in the UK you can no longer send, receive, import or export sex dolls via Fedex. Please remember that sex dolls are not banned in the UK. FedEx just stopped accepting them. You can still send and receive dolls with UPS or other carriers. If you order a sex doll from China and have it sent to the UK via Fedex, it will be shipped back to China.

If you do not live in the UK, this will not affect you unless FedEx in your country decides to follow the lead of FedEx in the UK.

This is really big news. Major shipping company FedEx UK has banned all love dolls, regardless of their size and appearance, labeling them "pornographic and/or obscene material". That doesn't bode well for the rest of the world.

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