Finally a standard for lifelike sex doll toys

Finally a standard for lifelike sex doll toys

A lifelike sex doll toy is an item used to promote or enhance sexual well-being.

It's an accessory for which demand has exploded and supply follows the same process. It is therefore necessary to introduce a sovereign system to protect the users of these objects. Why do we need rules for sex toys? Many people wonder why it is necessary to legislate for these types of products. Below are the reasons for such decisions.

Most of these accessories are primarily intended for the intimate area and come into direct contact with the user's privates. This means that they must be made of materials that respect the human body. In addition, they must have certain dimensions and formats to avoid accidents.

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The strong demand is expected to lead to significant growth of the global life size sex doll toy market by 2028. As early as 2020, it is valued at around $34 million. The sex doll toys market is made up of a multitude of manufacturers offering a wide range of products for different consumers. Knowing the various points raised will make it easier to draw up clear regulations on Promoting the growth of the adult toys market.

The idea for the law came from Swedish surgeon Martin Dahlberg, who has experienced numerous procedures to remove sex toys. After encountering several interventions to extract sex objects, he approached the Swedish Institute for Standardization (SIS) and asked them to draw up a law on sex toys.

Sex Doll, a brand of, one of the largest companies in the field of sexual wellbeing, participated and financially supported the implementation of the standard. The ISO 3533 standard took two years to complete and the aim was to ensure that

The devices are designed in such a way that, when used correctly, the risk of accidents is reduced, components are used in the intimate area that do not pose a threat to the organism, and the instructions given to the consumer are precise and precise. In summary, it can be said that the standard is intended to protect users and provide orientation for manufacturers. However, it can only be applied to them if the Heads of State or Government decide to use it as a legal basis.

If this is not the case in your country/region, you can refer to branded products. Most of them comply with the ISO 3533 standard, so it will be the guarantee of safety and sexual well-being that you are looking for.

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