First time purchase of experience dolls

First time purchase of experience dolls

For first-time buyers, skin tone is a big deal. I specified a light tan because I was concerned that the tan might be too dark in the promotional image, but when comparing her real skin tone to the promotional image, it was very different. Still, I find her complexion beautiful and natural, so I'm not dissatisfied at all. I'm pretty sure I'll get a second flat chested sex doll in the future, most likely a 172cm B cup tan, so maybe I'll visit the showroom at some point to get a good idea, what everything looks like.

After finally deciding on a model my next question is finding a supplier that has stock in stock as I really can't stand the long wait times. I looked around but in the end I was brought back with your WM Doll. They have many good sex doll in stock for immediate dispatch. They also have the best prices on dolls in stock.

157cm Wheat Red-haired Girl Fire Doll

I hope you enjoy the pics because it's heavy and I'm too lazy to pose. Now I'd like to add a disclaimer, if you're young and healthy that's fine, but there's a lot more work to be done than moving them from room to room.

I have two different blondes. I knit it. I also have blue eyes. She looked amazing wearing a blue and white tie over her thigh knickers and bra. As I said before, this is my first love doll and it makes you want more different poses, legs bend, legs straight, legs back etc. I think you will see her sexy and beautiful pictures.

She never says no, I'm always free when I want her, you can be gentle or rough, she likes it, I tell her in bed, we hug, there is foreplay but after a while I can't resist , no, without her, those innocent blue eyes, that beautiful soft mouth and lips would be too much.

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