For the love of silicone dolls

For the love of silicone dolls

Silicone fetishism is a subcategory of rubber fetishism and, as the name suggests, a fondness for silicone dolls of all kinds.

Sometimes materialism is possible. For "rubber addicts" the material has a much greater impact on their sexual satisfaction than for others. Silicone lovers are drawn to silicone dolls because of their fascination with silicone or rubber. Silicone fetishism is a subcategory of rubber fetishism and, as the name suggests, a fondness for silicone sex doll of all kinds.

Exciting to wear

Silicone fetishism usually involves gathering this material, wearing it with a partner, or fantasizing about someone working in a tight-fitting uniform like a wetsuit. One of the most common images that comes to mind is that of a sadomasochist wearing a tight-fitting corset, corset, or dress.

Some rubber lovers keep their fetish in the bedroom, while others are inspired by exhibitionism and the idea of wearing their clothes in public.

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Care for your silicone doll

Unlike ordinary fabrics, silicone requires special care to maintain its quality and finish.
Some important tips are
Avoid contact with oils and oil-based lubricants.
Always make sure your hands are clean.
Avoid direct sunlight, heat and humidity as this can damage the colour.
Beware of sharp objects.
We recommend applying an unscented talc or lubricant to the inside of the garment when putting it on to increase glide.
Bring out the characteristic shine of silicone by coating the material with a silicone lubricant or a special shine spray.

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