GENERALMany sex dolls affect your sex life

GENERALMany sex dolls affect your sex life

The more life partners people are likely to have, the more they will have sex. People who have had more sex partners are happier than people who have fewer sex partners.

It is possible to have as much sex with as many life size sex dolls as you want. Your human is right. It's your body and it's yours. It is important to ensure that you are responsible for your body.

You can have as much sex as you want with whoever you want. As long as you practice safe sex and only sleep with a doll, it doesn't affect you. As long as you enjoy it, there's nothing wrong with having more than one partner.

157cm Wheat-colored Skin Double Ponytail Mid-chest Tpe Doll

It doesn't mean you will be deficient in relationships if you have multiple sex partners. It means you are free to enjoy yourself and that having a sexual connection with a mini sex doll is a way to enjoy sex.

If you have multiple female sex dolls makes you happy then go for it! Nobody else has a sex life like you. Enjoy your life, you only live once my love.

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