German Custom Silicone Doll True Story

German Custom Silicone Doll True Story

In October 2019 I received a special request from a German customer. The other party sent a photo. The girl, about 16 years old, had blond hair, red and white skin, large blue eyes, a high nose and plump lips. It looked like a beautiful embryo. I took the order and asked the production department to make silicone dolls as soon as possible. Since I've been doing this job, I often come across video chatting just adding a friend. This type of person is either perverted or pornographic. I usually pull the black right away, but I feel like I saw that person's name. Think it's that German customer. I hesitated and recorded the video.

The video is about a middle-aged foreign couple. They both smile and say "Hello" with a smile. They said that after reading the email, the two carefully checked German law and found that importing baby dolls was not restricted. At the same time, they were grateful for my caution. They didn't like these pedophiles either. Video chat with me specifically, let me know why you would like to customize a toddler sex doll. In the video, the couple pushed open a door in the house and I saw a warm and beautiful room with familiar cartoon characters such as bunnies, Snow White, Alice and Cinderella painted on the walls and ceiling, a piece of pink crib full of stuffed animals.

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There are also many photos hanging on the wall, mostly a picture of a little girl and the couple. The little girl is an image of a custom doll. I reported the situation of Belgian customers to the boss in detail, and the boss finally agreed to customize German sex dolls for them.

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